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The story of Just Roti began in the aromatic kitchens in India. Everyday, our mothers created hot, fresh rotis using flour ground at the neighborhood stone grinding mill(chakki). Upon starting our lives in America we encountered few options for an authentic indian diet. As young professionals, we knew that continuing the tradition of wholesome indian cooking meant our only option was to wake up early before work and get to work in the kitchen. We quickly realized that there were no commercially available Indian options for a basic, healthy lifestyle.

The Just Roti team set out to make the wholesome indian diet a possibility for the fast-paced lifestyle of everyone from working professionals to young families. All we want is to share the feeling of coming home to a stack of hot rotis. Just Roti was created to bring homemade freshness to the market and to make eating healthy an easier, affordable and delicious option.

Rotis are a staple food in every Indian home, served fresh at every meal from breakfast to dinner. Our rotis are prepared with absolutely no preservative, additives or fillers. We have generously sized and affordably priced our rotis to make them a family option. Just Roti has delivered rotis to local neighborhood grocery stores and now offers online shipping options as well. Our interactions with our customers taught us what our customers want. We have expanded our product line to 3 nutritious, authentic products and have more in development on track.

The Just Roti team aims to foster and continue the Indian culture of eating fresh, wholesome and unprocessed. All of our products are locally manufactured and developed. We are committed to investing into ingredients that nourish the body while balancing the mind-body-spirit relationship. We at Just Roti strive to bring rotis just like homemade


Just Roti is an endeavor to bring fresh, wholesome rotis to you- just like home-made rotis. We are currently offering two rotis: Just Roti- with oil and no oil. All our rotis will be:

  • Fresh

  • Healthy, no preservatives, no additives

  • Dependable delivery to your home